Once again the Puget Sound Chapter and Region 5 is honored to announce that the 2017-2018 President of the ALA will be from our region. April Campbell, JD, from Perkins Coie has been selected as Association President! I was a member of the Association Nominating Committee that selected April from the five excellent candidates. Each candidate presented their vision for the ALA going forward and answered questions from the 12-member committee. April, obviously, did a great job and impressed the committee with her knowledge about the challenges we face in the next few years to increase our visibility in the legal community and provide our members with the education and networking opportunities we know are the greatest benefits of membership in the ALA. April is very capable and will have the assistance of an experienced board and the great employees at ALA Headquarters, but she’s also going to need all of us. Talk to her, let her know what’s important to you and what will help you do your job better. What’s worrying you and your firm leadership? As she moves into the President-Elect position and then on to Association President, make sure you have her back. If you can, attend the annual conference in Denver in April to cheer April on as she takes this exciting step into the ALA leadership. And, when our chapter nominating committee calls you and asked you to participate in our chapter leadership, follow April’s example and say YES! You never know where it will lead you.

Happy holidays to you all and let’s make 2017 a wonderful year for PSALA!