By Nicolette Bruer

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Seitel Systems Partner Bio:
Seitel Systems is an IT Professional Services firm with expertise in server and network engineering, cloud solutions (such as Office365), desktop and laptop computers, and mobile devices. Our Seattle-based Service Desk provides helpdesk support and 24/7 monitoring for our clients wanting IT Managed Services. Our straightforward business philosophy was formed in the early ’90’s, and has only gained strength since then: “Do the best possible work, help clients balance IT costs & benefits, stay current with new technologies, and keep client interests at the forefront.”

Industry Tips Pictures (Cybersecurity):

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Industry Tips Paragraph (Cybersecurity):

Scammers will impersonate people you know.

If you find that an email from a trusted connection has been filtered by your spam filter, don’t assume that it was a malfunction of the filter. A hacker may be impersonating someone you know, hoping to catch you with your guard down. BEFORE opening attachments or following directions from a filtered email, confirm the validity of the email by reaching out to your connections to ensure that they did, in fact, send the email in question.

How can you spot potentially threatening junk email?

Spammers will do everything in their power to try and fool you into opening an email that may not be what it seems. Here are some steps in order to protect yourself:

  1. Make sure the URL is real by typing it in manually and comparing websites.
  2. Never give out personal information to a person you don’t know.
  3. Some websites open up harmful ads when opened, make sure never to accept an incoming download you didn’t initiate.