Tara Ghannam Binge

By Tara Ghannam Binge,
Williams Kastner

The focus of our December meetup was Finding Balance and Tranquility During the Holidays.  Our meetup was held at Perkins and sponsored by Alliant Employee Benefits.  Jennifer Spence, our presenter, is a Health & Productivity Consultant with Alliant Employee Benefits.  Jennifer works with clients to provide effective wellness strategies and services.

It goes without saying, this time of year can make the most sane person insane.  Work is hectic:  staffing vacations, collecting receivables, closing the year…the list is endless.  Home life:  pressure to cook, clean, socialize, buy the perfect gift all while smiling and making those magical memories.  However,  Jennifer was adamant, with the right mindset and strategies, this year CAN be different.   Some of her tips included: 

  • Taking time for yourself: 10 minute meditation, working out and really asking yourself why you feel stressed and what you could do to change that.
  • Planning:  setting realistic goals for yourself, create shopping lists and planning routes to maximize your time in stores.
  • Financial: prepare a budget, keep a ledger of expenditures so you’re not surprised by your spending and pay with cash when possible.
  • Just say NO:  it’s ok to say no or to decline an invitation.  You are in charge of your schedule and get to decide how you will spend your time.  Only do the things you love!!

I left our presentation feeling empowered that this year could be different.  I was in control and prepared  be a little more protective of my time. 

Balance is hard to find and having it all is … well, impossible.  Instead, let’s focus on finding balance while  being present with those we love AND staying calm.