by Ann Callahan, SPHR, CLM, Helsell Fetterman LLP

Most of us join PSALA because of the wealth of resources membership provides. Many of us understand that these resources and opportunities depend not only on the generosity of our business partners, but on time and energy that we ourselves contribute. And a few of us are inspired to contribute at a higher level, in ways that benefit the entire Association.

PSALA has a history of innovative thinking and active contribution. Members of our chapter have volunteered at all levels over the years, and are continuing to do so! PSALA members who are currently volunteering at the Association level include:

Trevor Varnes – 2017 Finance Conference Planning Committee Chair

This chair of this committee works with ALA staff to create a plan of work, develop agendas and conduct committee meetings. The chair also makes sure committee work is carried out between meetings, develops reports on committee activities, acts as a liaison between the board and the committee, and guides the committee work to further the goals and objectives of the association.

Karen Turner – 2018 Annual Conference Planning Committee

Responsibilities for members of this committee are to evaluate and select the key note speaker, general session speaker, and session speakers; and to help plan the welcome reception, networking reception, newcomers event and the finale with the ALA Staff.

Lisa Sterritt – Region 5 Representative serving 2 year term from April 2017 – March 2019
Barb Paige – Region 5 Representative serving 2 year term from April 2016 – March 2018

Regional Representatives work to support the mission and goals of the Association. A key function is to establish direct communication with members throughout the region, building relationships and helping to develop strong chapter leadership.

April Campbell – President Elect April 2017 – March 2018

As President-elect, President, and Immediate Past President, April follows in the footsteps of PSALA member Rita Alli, who volunteered at this level in 2009-2012. The ALA President works closely with both the Board of Directors and ALA Administrative staff in furthering the mission and goals of the Association. In addition, this person brings both passion and vision to their role, bringing day to day understanding of the changes in the legal industry to bear in steering the Association on a course that is of value to its members.

As a chapter, PSALA can be proud of the contributions of these leader-volunteers. Talk to any of them and you’ll find that they feel the receive as much or more from the experience as they give.