by Kristal Tamburo

One of our newest business partners, NAEGELI Deposition and Trial, and their representative, Kristal Tamburo, joined us for a wonderful, education-themed Business Partner EXPO at Perkins Coie on June 1. Kristal was kind enough to share a message to her corporate office which we enjoyed so much we couldn’t help but share with everyone. I would like to encourage you to reach out to our Business Partners to help solve the complicated problems that arise within our firms. They are an invaluable resource available to PSALA members, and we are grateful for their valuable advice.
– Sean Monahan

There was tremendous good fun to be had networking last night at the PSALA Annual Business Partners Exposition. Held at one of Seattle’s most prestigious law firms, Perkin’s Coie, the Puget Sound Chapter of the Association of Legal Administrators proved that there is a reason why they do, what they do. They are meticulous professionals!

With vendor visiting cards in hand, members came by each table to chat and find out ways in which the vendors feel that they may compliment the visitors’ professional needs. Nodding while listening and asking astute questions the ladies and gentlemen were enquiring participants. As they filled out entry forms, the visit cards were initialed and then submitted for a drawing at the end of the evening. A nice way to make sure that ever important exhibiting sponsors feel supported by the PSALA association.

These guests obviously also know how to have fun, cheering on their companions as each spun the popular prize wheel trying to land on a favorite of the assorted prizes NAEGELI brought. Notecubes, Chocolates and Starbucks gift cards were flowing out of the Wheel like a springtime glacial melt. The crowd around the NAEGELI table was full of vim and vigor. Members and board members from large and small firms representing the entire region were completely engaged.

President Sean Monahan of Foster Pepper gave a resounding show of gratitude to the evenings exhibitors and then allowed each vendor to pull a name for a prize from their entries. Kristal Tamburo, Naegeli Client Relations Executive took a moment to make sure that the PSALA attendees felt appreciated as well for putting on such a lovely communally supportive event. Winner of NAEGELI Deposition and Trial’s gift basket was popular Director of Business Development, Drew Dambreville of Coterie Worklounge in Seattle.

Surrounded with likeminded professionals and breathtaking scenery Kristal enjoyed every moment of her first ever PSALA Business Partner Exposition.