I am very pleased to be writing my first President’s Message in the new format for Soundings. Soundings has been an invaluable resource for members of PSALA since its inception. The new format of Soundings seeks to honor the newsletter’s past successes, while taking advantage of advancements in technology to bring news and information to our membership quickly and easily. Throughout the month, you can expect new articles to be posted that seek to educate and inform on topics and activities in the Puget Sound legal community. You are always welcome to read these articles as they come out, but know that once a month you will receive a message compiling any new articles from the previous month. 

An additional benefit of the new Soundings format is the ease by which you will be able to access previous articles. If you want to see past articles on cyber security, the information is just a search away. Along with the format changes is an acknowledgment that Soundings is an opportunity to be of service to the legal community by sharing information and promoting the great work that is done by our organization. To this end, we have made Soundings available to the public with the hope that we can grow our outreach and engage others in the discussion around the changing nature of the legal industry.

The new Soundings is a special resource for PSALA, but also an opportunity for members to share insights and information in an updated forum.  If you have an interest in writing for Soundings, please reach out to Erin Cline, Soundings Editor, for information on how to get more involved.

Sean Monahan
President – PSALA