By Kristen Frakes, Agora

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What’s a simple, and easy way to keep your employees and customers happy, and the productivity of your company constantly evolving and increasing? You guessed it—work perks.

According to Business Insider, coffee is the #1 perk that employers must splurge on because of its performance-improving qualities, lowering employee turnover, and ability to boost office morale. In the city where Starbucks was born, it’s no secret that Seattle is the central hub for coffee lovers. But in addition to must-have coffee, businesses that provide other perks like premium teas, sparkling water, and break room snacks will often find an increase in productivity which ultimately effects bottom line.

While traditional incentive programs are important, they do not affect employees’ performance levels like work perks would. Many people are aware of the company Zappos, which was recognized in 2009 by Fortune as one of the “100 Best Companies to Work For,” because of its company culture. The perks that Zappos offer creates an environment that promotes employee’s happiness, which is a top priority for the world’s largest internet shoe store.

Perks are an integral part of the Zappos’ everyday culture. They offer free snacks, vending machines and artisan coffee for their employees. According to Milton Moskowitz, author of “The Best Companies to Work for in America,” Zappos has such a high level of employee engagement that acting friendly towards other employees and customers comes naturally. No one has to force themselves to smile at one another in the hallway, or truly connect and converse in the break room—those actions come easy for them. When employees are truly happy and engaged in the company, they have a stronger attachment and are less likely to leave.

Simply put, employees work better when they feel truly connected to the company and fellow colleagues. Offering work perks like free snacks, artisan coffee, or beer/wine services will promote a healthy work environment and truly benefit your company. If you would like more information on how your company can obtain office refreshment services, then call today to set up an appointment with one of Agora’s consultants.

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