By Kristal Tamburo, Naegeli Deposition and Trial

 Carmen Carillo and Kristal at the Frolic

A fine evening of supportive networking was enjoyed by all Wednesday, April 4th at the 2018 PSALA Spring social, aptly titled “Frolic at the Frye.” Nestled in the bosom of Seattle’s First Hill at the historic Frye Museum, the Puget Sound Association of Legal Professionals hosted members and guests from around the region as they unwound from the day’s business.

Partygoers took in the sumptuous surroundings, stunning architecture and were treated to a fine array of tidbits and refreshments. All were in good spirits; it would have been difficult not to have been considering the refined atmospheric beauty, a cleverly distracting scavenger hunt designed to take guests deep into the Salon Gallery and the general merriment displayed by the dozens of colorful guests.

The Frye Museum, known for its resounding dedication to enhancing its environment and preserving its impressive collection was a gracious host, allowing patrons of the social to wander throughout the entire collection uninhibited while visiting and networking. It was an evening designed for politely professional conversations. Kudos must go to the organizers of this wonderful evening. What a fun night and charming place to hold an indelible event.

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 Kristal during the scavenger hunt

 Cheryl from Naegeli with Robin Nussbaum and Carmen Carillo networking at the Frolic

 Cheryl from Naegeli with Sean Monahan, Anita Lyter, and Denny Krantz at the Frolic