By John H. Roth II, Accellis

 Accellis Technology Group

After a whirlwind trip, out team is back from The Worldox 2018 Conference in New Orleans, LA. This conference was nothing short of a great time and what’s even better, is was are plenty of exciting news coming from World Software (Worldox).

 Worldox 2018 Conference Recap

Worldox GX4 August release BIG updates

The Worldox August 2018 release will come bundled with extra features at no additional cost. Some of these features include access to Task, Notify and Worldox Web. These features along with a few other will greatly enhance the functionality for Worldox. For example, with Task, previously part of the productivity suite, you can now assign documents to Outlook task to schedule them. With notify you can set up a matter or document to notify you when someone has made changes or updated it.

Finally, and what I most excited about is the changes to Worldox Web. In short, it should be more functional and automated. I can’t wait to help firms with the new version of Web mobile.

Look out because I’ll be in contact with my clients to start a discussion about these new features and set up training. If you’re not a client, feel free to contact us for an upgrade/update and training.

Change is Coming

All in Joe and I had a great time at the conference. We are excited about the changes coming to Worldox and look forward to helping our current and future clients deploy them.  With all these changes coming to Worldox training will be important. Make sure to conact us to set something up!

John H. Roth II

 John Roth

As a Software Consultant, John heads the Document Management Division of Accellis Technology Group. During his last three years at Accellis, he has designed and implemented document solutions that meet specific client guidelines and industry best practices nationwide. John’s area of expertise is to help law firms improve efficiency by providing consultation, installation and technical support for Worldox and NetDocuments. Furthermore, John is the technical support for ActionStep, Time Matters®, Clio and Symphony Suite. He enjoys designing document solutions and conducting on-site product training. When he is not working on document management, John likes to collaborate and assist other divisions at Accellis to continue expanding his knowledge.

Originally posted June 6, 2018 In Cool Stuff, News, Worldox 2 on the Accellis Technology Group blog. Reposted by permission.