To make sure PSALA follows federal anti-trust laws to ensure free trade, there are a few things to keep in mind when communicating with other PSALA members. Especially when posting something on one of our list-servs, we sometimes run the risk of not being in compliance.

Here is what you CANNOT discuss:

  • Price, compensation, and benefits for staff and attorneys including partners, terms of sale, profits and profit margins, cost data, commission, and allocation of customers, territories, and markets. Look for this information, instead, in the annual salary survey.
  • Anything that might lead to agreements on price, salaries, benefits, whether or not to use another business (customer, supplier, client)

You CAN talk about your process for making decisions about what supplier to use, how you measure performance or your experience with any given product or service.

For more details and examples, please see our listserv guidelines webpage. If you would like to join any of these listservs, please contact Jody Waterman at

Really want to post a question but aren’t sure whether or not you can? Please reach out to Veronica Sutton, Amy Strok, or Suzanne Tran to check.