A heartwarming and eye-opening seminar transpired Thursday, June 7th 2018. The PSALA sponsored event entitled, “Gray Area Thinking & Workplace Allyship,” gave every attendee an opportunity to look beyond themselves and to observe all walks of life from a different perspective. The speaker, Ellie Krug, was engaging, powerful, funny and approachable even as she was asked to condense two full day seminars into a three hour session. This meeting was held at Foster Pepper which provided an exceptionally intimate space for such a warm, interactive seminar.

The bar was set high at an early time-frame with attendees being offered breakfast in a buffet style. There was a general sense of openness that was achieved by the way the room was initially set up. The moments leading to the start of the seminar were secretly being monitored by the speaker who later, cleverly embedded her exercise of “people watching” into the seminar.

“Allyship is a form of action.” There were key scenarios presented to the group that clearly outlined Allyship. Today, most of the world turns a blind eye to marginalized groups of people. The way in which the material was presented, through interactive exercises, opened the minds and personalities of everyone who was present. Sincere appreciation must be sent to Ellie Krug for her straightforward, outward thinking approach to the message. It was a fantastic learning opportunity in which all people should give themselves an opportunity to experience.*

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