Would you like to help shape the 2019-20 ALA Board of Directors and Regional Leadership Teams? Then this volunteer opportunity might be a perfect fit for you!

We are currently seeking volunteers to serve on the Combined Association and Regional Nominating Committee, the group charged with selecting individuals to fill upcoming vacancies on the ALA Board of Directors and Regional Leadership Teams. Committee members are responsible for reviewing volunteer applications, conducting due diligence calls and actively participating in a face-to-face meeting scheduled for November 15-18, 2018 in Chicago, as well as any necessary conference calls leading up to that meeting.

Why you? This rewarding role is perfect for those who are limited in the amount of time they can give, yet still interested in making a difference and expanding their network. Here’s how:

  • Timing: It requires a relatively short period of commitment in terms of time when the committee is actively working. The work of this committee begins in late September and culminates with the meeting in November.
  • Exposure: It’s an excellent entry point for association level leadership and allows a glimpse into the qualities and characteristics ALA leaders possess.
  • Network: It provides an opportunity to meet and work with members from throughout the association and from all different sized organizations.
  • Value: It is an extremely important role and the work is highly rewarding, as it helps identify future ALA leaders.

Plus, it’s fun and you generally develop a lasting bond with fellow committee members!

Service on the committee is open to any regular member, though certain eligibility requirements do apply. Additional details, a list of the ideal traits of a committee member and an application to serve are available on the ALA website.

Interested individuals are encouraged to submit their application by June 15, 2018. Questions? Contact committees@alanet.org.

An Overview of Roles and Responsibilities

Board of Directors
ALA is governed by a Board of Directors that, along with key staff members, meets in-person four times each year. The Executive Director serves as an ex-officio (non-voting) member of the Board. Board positions include President, President-Elect, Regional Directors from each of ALA’s six regions and three At-Large Directors. Directors serve three-year nonrenewable terms.

The Board serves as the link to all ALA members. The Board keeps members well-informed of the strategy and vision of the Association by providing communication to ALA leaders, committees and members at large.

Regional Representatives
Regional Representatives serve as a resource to the Director in their region by bringing creative strategies that promote and educate members on the policies, programs and initiatives of ALA. Regional Representatives’ primary role is to serve as mentors to their assigned chapters. Unless selected to complete the balance of an unfilled term, Regional Representatives serve two-year nonrenewable terms.

Regional Leadership Teams
ALA consists of six regions, each of which are led by a Regional Leadership Team composed of an At-Large Director, Regional Director, and two to four Regional Representatives. The primary objective of these teams is to serve as resources to ALA chapter leaders within their region.

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