As VP of Education, I am very excited for our upcoming 2019-2020 education calendar. Our Education Committee has come together over the past few months to plan a mix of presentations, roundtables and panels to address the hot topics and challenges facing our legal community. To keep up on the dates and topics, desk calendars will be mailed out next month, the PSALA website has the current calendar, and we will continue to send out emails with the most up to date information. As always, if you have a topic or need that you think would be a great focus, let me know. Our goal is to be up to date and relevant to our industry and locale. Some topics coming your way this year are: continued Paid Family and Medical Leave updates, firm integration tactics, tax reform, trust account rules, cyber security, and a how to develop a strategy to go paperless. We are also honored to continue providing the PSALA June Diversity and Inclusion event.

I am also thrilled to introduce our quarterly leadership workshops. We will be meeting after hours to support, build and coach leadership techniques and skills. This will kick off with a Past PSALA Presidents Panel sharing lessons learned, strategic advice and open conversation on how to successfully lead. We will then have a hand on training on how to move from diversity to inclusion. Understanding the differences and building the toolkit to have impact in our firms.  In the fall we will focus on Creating Culture in our firms. This will be a safe environment to share challenges, failures and successes as we strategize together. We will wrap up the workshops with a focus on Emotional Intelligence and Servant Leadership. This will concentrate on looking inward to achieve outward victory.


Amy Strok,

Human Resources Manager, Seed IP Law Group

PSALA VP of Education