Pacific Office Automations’s Cloud PBX delivers essential voice services that maximize cost-efficiency and productivity for your team while making it simple for clients to connect quickly to

the right resources. Our experience with regulatory compliance and advanced privacy and security controls can help you meet client industry requirements.

Law firms are under intense pressure to provide superlative responsiveness to clients, state-of-the-art communications tools for partners and staff, and to minimize IT infrastructure costs and resources. Our voice services include Cloud PBX, conferencing calling, Internet faxing and toll-free numbers to answer these needs.

Cloud PBX is a complete business communications system and service. With over 40 features, Cloud PBX delivers Fortune 500 style capabilities. This powerful cloud-based phone system uses a company’s existing data connection and wiring. Best of all, onsite phone system hardware is not required.

Improved productivity and responsiveness to maximize billable hours

Find Me/Follow Me

Rings an office phone and a mobile phone at the same time, ensuring that important calls are never missed.


Allows receptionists to see who is one the phone at any given time and then transfer callers to available staff. It also allows staff to see information about incoming callers.

Softphone mobile app

Allows users to place calls from their mobile phones as if they were in the office.

High-end features that help law firms

Automated Attendant

Answers calls and directs callers to the right person or department just like large enterprise phone solutions. Includes dial-by-name and dial-by-extension as well as the ability to direct calls to specific groups.

Remote market numbers

Allow firms to advertise local numbers in markets of their choosing. For example, a firm with offices in Manhattan (212) could also have a local phone number for Long Island, Newark, etc.

Toll-free numbers

Can be added to allow callers to reach the firm without long distance charges nation-wide.

Customized hold music

Choose music based on your preferences or appropriate to client demographics.

Seamless voice access across multiple locations, virtual teams


All Cloud PBX features work regardless of physical location. Features such as call transfer, extension dial and call groups all work the same whether the employees are located within adjoining offices or across the country.

Supports virtual teams

Allows workers to be anywhere. Phones are simple plugged into the data network at the office or home office. And with Cloud PBX, callers do not have to know where workers are. The Automated Attendant greets callers and routes calls to the appropriate person regardless of location.

Reduced cost and administration

Cost-saving features

Includes unlimited long distance, free 24/7 support and free phones for every line of service purchased, which can save a firm’s telecom spend by over 50%.

Easy web-based administration

Enables management of all aspects of the phone system from a web-based portal. Firms can view current and past invoices, make changes to phones, create voicemail groups, upload hold music, create paging groups, view call history and much more.

Enterprise-grade security and reliability

Privacy and security to support confidential attorney-client communications.

  • A dedicated, full-time security staff certified in information security
  • Full coverage of all aspects of security, including log and event monitoring, incident response, managing intrusion protection systems (both host and network), perimeter defense, service and architecture testing, and source code
  • Secure SIP call encryption prevents eavesdropping
  • Endpoints are secure from cyber threats and attacks
  • Toll-fraud detection
  • A dedicated, full-time security staff certified in information security


Reliability and support you can count on.

  • With our 999% uptime guarantee, you can access your cloud services when needed, staying connected and productive.
  • Receive 24/7 phone and chat support any time you need expert


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